What’s your Sunday Routine?

Hello there Sunday morning warriors!

After mostly disconnecting from work and internet for Saturdays, Sunday is a day for weekly prep. 

As I’ve discussed before, I’m a big fan of habit and routine. The less I have to think about what I’m going to do, the better. 

Monday through Friday I mostly follow the same schedule with little variation. Same “slow carb” food. Same “uniform” clothes. Same exercise regimen. It’s through these habits I’ve been able to lose weight, to become healthier, and to think more robustly.

Then Saturday is “cheat day”. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s time to spend with my girlfriend (Ellie) and my dog (Caly). I need this day to recoup and recharge. 

So transitioning from Saturday back to the week can be difficult.

I’m halfway through my 28th year in this world. It’s taken me this long to become mindful of what my body needs: routine. “Hard Workers” and “Smart People” typically ignore basic biological principles in favor of impressing others. Forgo a meal to reach a deadline? Sure! “Aren’t I such a committed worker?” Skip some sleep? Hell yes! “Complaining the next day about being tired is a badge of honor!” Ignore exercise? Yes please! “Don’t have time for pumping iron, too busy pumping out work!”

And while the impression of business comes across as valuable and downright morally pure (thanks protestants!), the actual value created by this busyness is small.

So listen to your body. Tinker with small experiments and judge against some baseline (happiness, energy, words written, weight, etc.). You’ll find that the minimal efforts you expend in service to the larger goal will actually make you more valuable, not just appear that way to your peers and boss.

So here’s my Sunday, feel free to share your Sunday in the comments:

Since my week depends on a Sunday prep day, it mostly revolves around me “taking time to save time”.

My Sunday schedule (not during Buffalo Bills football season) looks like this: 

9am: Wake and drink 48oz of ice-cold water. Take eager dog for walk

9:30am: Chemex coffee and read (usually nonfiction from Flipboard or Twitter feeds). Post “Sunday 3” on blog to share thoughts on what I read.

10:30am: Protein (either egg whites or an isopure flavorless protein shake with cinnamon and espresso)

11:00am: Bike Ride

12:30pm: Lunch of beans and some hearty green (spinach or kale)

1:00pm: Meal planning: On a slow carb diet you have to eat A LOT of food. To resist the temptation of “cheating”, it’s important that there is very little friction. This means that I want all my meals ready. All I have to do is warm them up. This prevents from giving in to convenience eating.

1:30pm shop: Costco for large items and international grocery store for spices

3:30pm cook: Cook for the entire week

5pm: Relax with Ellie (read, watch TV show, play game, talk, etc.)

7pm: Sunday dinner (usually roast chicken, but depends. It’s the only meal we cook for immediate eating each week). Drink some wine.

11pm: (Hopefully) bed. This is the hardest thing for me. I need to sleep more. Want to try to read more fiction at night to help relax and sleep.

The best plans always fail upon first contact with implementation of course. So the most important thing is to compare the intent with the reality. If I’m not sticking to the schedule, there’s a reason for it. It’s not something to worry about. The routine should be natural. It should be comforting. I should look forward to it. Most of all, it should make me feel better. 

So constant pivoting is a necessity. Adapting to the realities of travel, Bills football, project schedules, etc. is where the finesse lies. 

What’s your Sunday?