Launching Pad.

Communication is hard.

For me at least.

Whether in writing or verbally, getting across my thoughts leaves a lot to be desired.

And because of this, I’m going to embark on a little experiment.  I want to improve my writing while also improving the way I see health, learning, design, technology and business.  Probably too broad at this point but I can always narrow as I go.  I’d rather be a jack of many trades than a master of one.

The only way to do this is deliberate practice.  I want to write every day for an audience that finds any content I contribute to be interesting. Being that I’ve blogged before (and rarely been interesting) this will be a challenge for me.

My first post will deal with me trying to “earn” and MBA via Penn’s Wharton school the cheaper way: by downloading syllabi for all core courses. I’ll then complete the readings in the required readings and synthesize my thoughts here.  This will give me an excuse to write while also calibrating my understandings of management and finances.

Here. I. Go.