Learning on the job

I like learning.

But as I’ve grown older, I’ve also found that I’m inclined to help others learn. I’m capable at helping others see their own thoughts more clearly. Or how to remove obstacles from doing excellent work. Or how to make things simpler. Or how to make themselves more productive.

I derive more joy from helping others than anything else I do. In that way, I’m lucky.

My career has ranged from software development to elementary teaching. From project management to foreign language instruction. From IT management to data analysis.

What’s the common thread throughout these jobs? Learning.

I use this blog to distill my own learning about learning. It could be learning how to understand financial accounting or user experience design. Or clear writing. Or startup traction strategy. Or what motivates people.

Either way, I want to document my own learnings publicly so other might learn walk where I’ve walked, not trip where I’ve tripped.


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