Lagrone Class Story #1

Please respond to this post with your story.

Before making anything else, you need to have your entire story here.

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25 responses to “Lagrone Class Story #1

  1. Lionel Messi quiere ir a Argentina…

  2. Hola

  3. Aretha G. McKinney


  4. AustinCarpenterPeppers


  5. shaniya townsend


  6. Gregory M. Thompson


  7. halo

  8. Hola


  9. Hola

    You are the best teacher in the whole wide world Thanks for being everyones

  10. Hola amigalo!

  11. Hola Yo Le Gusta bailar.

  12. shaniya townsend


    senor hill you looked better with your beard

  13. halo what up senor hill do you know jeffhard?

  14. Gregory M. Thompson

    Hey Mr.Hill! How are ya doing?

  15. Aretha G. McKinney

    whats up Mr .Hill ?

  16. Damyahna Sanders

    Hola Senor Hill.

  17. Hello Senor Hill. This is one of your students. I believe that you are the greatest spanish teacher.

  18. Hola Amigo

  19. Hola Senor Hill how are you amigo? I am ex

  20. AustinCarpenterPeppers

    halo whats up bro

  21. Hola Senorhill thank u for teaching us spanish

  22. Hola Senor Hill!

  23. Hola Mr. senor hill. You are my best spanish.

  24. hola Mr. Senor Hill como
    estas.I am muy bien.I really like doing spanish. I really want to do a spanish story on your blog so everyone can see it.Thanks for helping me with some of my spanish.

  25. Hi Mr.senor hill how are you. I really want to right the story on the computer.I really love sending messages to you on here. Your Spanish class is so amazing and cool. I wish I could come to your Spanish class everyday. I really like doing Spanish in your class it’s so cool. Mr.Senor hill is so cool.

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